Qualifications Of a Christian Leader


It is thought that Paul wrote this letter in between his first and second imprisonments in Rome and before he wrote 2 Timothy. Paul and Titus had obviously been together for a time on the island of Crete, preaching the gospel and instructing the Christians. Paul, a pioneer in spirit, had then moved on to new regions of conquest for Christ and left Titus to organize the local assemblies. Very briefly Paul gives us insight into his purpose for living (v. 1) He calls himself a “bond-servant” of God, which is someone who is committed to obeying God. This obedience led him to spending his life telling others about Jesus Christ. He also called himself an “apostle,” even though he was not one of the original 12. The word apostle means messenger or missionary.

Paul makes it clear that God cannot lie (v. 2). The eternal life that God has promised will be ours, because He keeps His promise. Both God (v. 3) and Jesus (v. 4) are called “our savior.” Jesus did the work of salvation by dying for our sins. God planned the work of salvation, and He forgives our sins. Now Paul gives personal qualifications of a Christian leader. 

  1. Negative Qualities for Christian Leaders (vv. 6-7).
    1. “Blameless” - the husband of one wife
    2. “Having faithful children” - not accused of insubordination
    3. “Not self willed” - arrogant and dictatorial
    4. “Not soon angry” - quick tempered
    5. “Not given to wine” - a drinker of liquor
    6. “No striker” - quick with his fists
    7. “Not given (greedy) to filthy lucre” - shady deals
  2. Positive Qualities for Christian leaders (vv. 8-9).
    1. “Lover of hospitality” - opens home to strangers
    2. “A lover of good men” - whether men or things
    3. “Sober” - balanced in opinions and actions
    4. “Just” - practices what he preaches
    5. “Holy” - free from the strain of sin
    6. “Temperate” - from all that is harmful
    7. “Holding fast the faithful word”
    8. “To exhort” - with conviction

God’s standards for leadership are the same everywhere. They do not change from place to place. 


Which of the above areas of leadership  do I need to be working on?  I need to pick the ones that I am the weakest in and ask the Lord to help me become strong in those areas.

Titus 1:1-9 (English Standard Version)

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