Instructions for Every Age and Sex


Paul tells Titus that he must instruct the members with sound doctrine (v. 1). This is in contrast to the myths and man‘made prescriptions the false teachers were giving. Paul probably starts with the older men because they should set a godly example to the next generations. Four characteristics of change are insisted upon (v. 2):

      1.   “Sober minded” ‘ The older men should help the congregation keep steady.

2.   “Grave” ‘ That which invites respect and rever­ence.

3.     “Temperate”‘  To be fully rational in thought, word, and action.

4.     “Sound in  faith, in  love, in  patience” ‘ To be healthy in these areas.

      Then there are instructions for older women (vv. 3‘5). In Cretan culture women were regarded as servants or slaves of their men. But New Testament advice for women has been used to elevate the standards of women around the world. Paul told Titus to educate the older ladies in their duties, for often they carry great weight for good among the saints. Seven characteristics are given:  

1.     To “love their husband” (v. 4)            2.  To “love their children” (v. 4)

3.     To be “sober” (v. 4)                            4. To be “discreet” (v. 5)

5.   To be “chaste” (v. 5)                           6. To be “keepers at home” (v. 5)

      7.   “Being obedient to their own husbands” (v. 5)

      Paul urges the younger men to be self-restrained in every area of life (v. 6), to be a good example and model of good deeds, holding tight to the truth with pure motives (v. 7). Be sincere and serious when you teach. Do this, and your enemies will be too ashamed to say anything against you (v. 8). And let your instruction be wise, wholesome, vigorous and irrefutable, so that your opponents may be put to shame, finding nothing discrediting or evil to say about you.

      Then Paul warns Christian slaves of three common sins they must avoid:

1. Disobedience (v. 9) ‘ They  were to obey their masters and seek to please them.

2. Talking back (v. 9) – They were not to argue with their master.


      3. Stealing (v.10) – Don’t take any items from your master (ex. Philemon - Philippines 1:8).


How does my life compare to the instruction Paul gives my sex and age group in this passage? How do I rate myself on a scale of 1‘10 as being a godly example to others? 

Titus 2:1-10 (English Standard Version)

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