Stop Fighting Other Christians

In an article written by Claire Schenot Burkat “Five Myths of the Perfect Pastor,” it is stated that his sermons were over their heads. His opinionated views alienated his colleagues. Coworkers found him boastful, even arrogant. A physical disability drove him to ov … More


Paul warned Titus to avoid people who like to argue about unimportant things (v. 9). Some  of the things to avoid are foolish questions, genealogies of the Old Testament and the spinning of stories about some of these people. Striving and fights about the law and heretical Jewish teachings were rampant on Crete. The reason for avoiding these are they are useless and morally fruitless, hence unworthy of time and serious consideration.

I am afraid that much time is spent in Christian circles today debating issues and preferences that have no real value in the light of where people are going to spend eternity. Just yesterday I saw  an article in a Christian periodical that took up several pages trying to prove that a certain Christian leader of our day is neo-evangelical (whatever  that is). I know both the person who wrote the article and the person who it was written about and in my opinion there is very little if any difference between their basic doctrinal beliefs. They both are trying to reach souls for Christ. What a waste of God’s money and time to take up space in a Christian magazine, besides the damage that may be done to the character of the person being accused. Satan must be very pleased to see the  cause of Christ hindered by this sort of thing. Many, who should know better, spend their time fighting other Christians when they should be fighting Satan, winning souls and building up the saints.


What do I spend your time doing? Is it fruitless or fruitful in light of eternity and what is being accomplished for the cause of Christ? I don’t want to be guilty of spending my life tearing down people when I need to be building up the Lord and looking for ways to encourage those who are serving Him around the world.

Titus 3:9-9 (English Standard Version)

But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless.

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