The First Disciples

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This passage covers the transition between the ministry of John the Baptist and the ministry of Christ. We find John the Baptist with two of his disciples (v. 35), Andrew and John. After he  pointed to the Lamb of God (Jesus) they left and followed Jesus (vv. 36-37). It appears that they followed Him in the sense of literally walking and also turned their allegiance to Jesus that day. John the Baptist was happy when people left him to follow Jesus because his ministry focused on Jesus. Turning around, Jesus stopped and asked, “What do you want” (v. 38). They answered by saying, “Where do you live.”

Jesus words of invitation were, “Come and you will see” (v. 39). A person must come to Him first and then they will see. In addition to their seeing where He stayed, these words may possibly also have a deeper theological implication. They remained with Him that day and I am sure He taught them many things. Andrew one of the two disciples who followed Jesus was the first to tell someone else about Jesus as he brought his brother Simon to Jesus (vv. 40).

In bringing his brother Simon Peter to Christ, no man did the church a greater service than Andrew. Andrew appears two more times in John (6:4-9; 12:20-22); both times he was bringing someone to Jesus. The unnamed disciple is commonly held to be John the son of Zebedee, a brother of James and author of this Gospel. Simon talks to Jesus and during this time Jesus gave him the nick name of Cephas (which is translated Peter (vv. 41-42). No reason is given for the change of his name from Simon to Cephas. Perhaps it was because he would be a rock-like man in the church during its early years.


This is a great example of how to spot people who would like to know the Lord and want to follow Him. Those who followed the Lord did a great job of reproducing themselves and encouraging others to do the same. It is my desire to be a reproducing Christian

John 1:35-42 (English Standard Version)

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