Trouble with the Jewish Leaders

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Because of Jesus’ compassion and healing of this blind man, He soon found Himself in trouble with the Jewish leaders (v. 16). His act of deliberately healing the man on the Sabbath Day caused the Pharisees great concern. In their eyes He had broken the Sabbath in three ways (vv. 13-16):

1.   He spat on the ground and made mud: His spitting on the dirt violated the Sabbath because, as to them, making mud was work. A man could not even cut his fingernails or pull out a hair of his beard on the Sabbath.

2.   He healed on the Sabbath: The Jewish rule was not to heal on the Sabbath. Medical attention could only be such as to keep the patient from getting worse, not to make him any better. For instance, a man with a toothache could not suck vinegar through his teeth.

3.   He used spit: Instruction in the rabbinical literature stated that spit could not be used because spit was medicine.

The Pharisees knew Jesus had broken the Sabbath. Since He had broken the Sabbath, He could not be of God the reasoned. Others argued that it was impossible for a sinner to perform miracles. Since He performed a miracle, maybe He was not a sinner. They asked the man his opinion of Jesus. The beggar was not intimidated by their threats. He boldly responded that Jesus was a prophet (v. 17). The Jews still refused to admit the miracle and said that he probably wasn’t even born blind. These religious leaders did not want to see Jesus given this kind of high recognition. Then they talked to the parents, who confirmed that he was born blind, but they didn’t explain how he was healed (vv. 18-21). They were afraid of the Jews, so wanted their son to speak for himself (vv. 22-23). 



I can never please God by obeying a set of rules but only by obeying my Lord who gave His life on the cross of Calvary to cover my sins. I never want to be intimidated by the questions of others.


John 9:13-23 (English Standard Version)

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