When One Turns to The Lord The Veil is Removed

There are some who are saved, but lack intimacy with God, still living in the “outer court"; restricted by the veil of their own flesh, they cannot draw near unto the new and living way. (John Bevere, Drawing Near) … More


The Bible is basically a picture book as it uses illustration after illustration of real life situations to get across to us Biblical principles of life. This gives us such confidence, we can be very bold (v. 12). In this passage we find Paul using the experience of Moses (Exodus 34:29-35). It  tells how Moses’ face shone, reflecting the glory of God when he came down from communing with God (v. 13). However, Moses knew that the glory (just like the Old Testament covenant) would fade away, so he put on a veil. This prevented  them from seeing the glory disappear; for after all, who wants to follow a leader who is losing his glory?

It also concealed the Law, which had  just been given, because the people were not ready to be told that this system was only temporary. The Jews of Paul’s day failed to perceive that the Old Covenant was a preliminary message and preparation for something greater to come. To this very day their minds are still blinded to the finished work of Christ and it is as though the veil upon Moses’ face still blinds their hearts (v. 14).

Not only is there a veil which keeps the Jews from seeing the real meaning of Scripture; but there is also a veil which comes between them and God (v. 15. Sometimes it is the veil of disobedience. Very often it is moral and not intellectual blindness which keeps us from seeing God. If we persist in disobeying Him we become less and less capable of seeing Him. Sometimes it is the veil of the unteachable spirit. The best teacher cannot teach the man who knows it all already and does not wish to learn. In the Old Covenant when Moses entered the Lord’s presence he removed his veil  (Exodus 34:34). In the same sense when a Jew (or anyone)  turns to the Lord, he must understand and the veil will be removed  (v. 16). The Lord and the Spirit are one and the same, and the Lord’s Spirit sets us free (v. 17). Then, just as Moses reflected the glory of God, you and I may radiate the glory of God  (v. 18). The glory of the Law faded away, but the glory of God’s grace should increase in our lives.


Is there some area of my life where I still wear a veil? Am I continuing in the old way when I know that all things are to become new? I need to ask the Holy Spirit to remove the veil.

II Corinthians 3:12-18 (English Standard Version)

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