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Potiphar’s Wife Accuses Joseph – Genesis 39:7 – 39:18

Lincoln’s Reaction to a Man Who Put a Revolver in His Face

Lincoln was much surprised one day when a man of rather forbidding countenance drew a revolver and thrust the weapon into his face. In such circumstances “Abe” at once concluded that any attempt at debate or argument was a waste of time. “What seems to be the matter?” inquired Lincoln, with all the calmness and self-possession he could muster. “Well,” replied the stranger, who did not appear at all excited, “some years ago I swore an oath that if I ever came across an uglier man than myself I’d shoot him on the spot.” A feeling of relief evidently took possession of Lincoln at this point in the conversation. “Shoot me,” Lincoln said to the stranger, “for if I am an uglier man than you, I don’t want to live.” (Benjamin Botkin - Encyclopedia of Illustrations #13).