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Are You Anticipating The Lord’s Return? – Titus 2:13 – 2:13

Harry Bollback story on throwing the ball

Harry Bollback who has been on the Word of Life team for over 60 years and is one of our Founding Directors often tells the story of growing up in Brooklyn, New York. He tells how he loved his mother and his mother loved him. They had a rule never to never play ball in the house. One day his mother went to the store and left he and his brother alone in the house. While she was gone they decided they would play catch. His brother threw the ball to him, he missed and it shattered a big mirror behind him. So, he went and sat by a window watching for his mother to come down the street. He says, “Remember, I loved my mother and my mother loved me, but I was not anticipating my mothers return at this time.” (Lou Nicholes - Author and Missionary).