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God’s Love for Jerusalem – Ezekiel 16:1 – 16:14

In Malaysia Shariah Law Takes Prededence

In the grand scheme of Muslim nations, Malaysia is still considered to be one of the most progressive and modern Muslim democracies. The Malaysian Constitution has been criticized as self-contradictory by analysts who point to the fact it both defends freedom of religion and declares Islam the official religion, according to the New York Times."After 50 years of independence it appears that Malaysia’s High Court has tipped the future of the country toward Islamization by ruling that Shariah law takes precedence over civil laws.” “The courts have ruled that there will be no ‘exit visas’ from Islam; religious freedom itself is subject to the limitations imposed upon it by Islamic law."It reveals the flaw of parallel legal jurisdictions - one ruled by secular civil court the other by religious law."  “In essence, Christians are sentenced as prisoners of their own  conscience. Muslim by legal obligation, Christian by conviction. This makes them an exile in their own country. (Source Unknown).