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The Beast and His Armies Defeated – Revelation 19:17 – 19:21

Battles that took place in the Jezreel Valley

This area was the scene of many battles in the history of Israel. Since Mt. Megiddo overlooks the Jezreel Valley and the plain of Esdraelon, Armageddon represents this entire strategic valley in North Israel. It is the gateway through the mountains from the North to Jerusalem. Here Gideon defeated Midian (Judges 6:33). Here Saul died fighting the Philistines; Saul and Jonathan died on Mt. Gilboa  in the eastern portion of Megiddo’s Jezreel Valley (1 Samuel 31:1; 2 Samuel 1:6, 21). And here Josiah was slain fighting against Pharoah-Necho (2 Kings 23:2930). (Encyclopedia of Illustrations #415).