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Solomon Pronounces The Benediction – I Kings 8:54 – 8:66


Will you be there…? Will you behold His final triumph over sin, death and hell? Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ? Is he your confidence and trust? Have you committed your soul to His keeping? If you can answer yes, your eyes shall see Him in the day of His glory; nay, you shall share His glory and sit with Him upon His throne, even as He has overcome and sits down with His Father on His throne. May God enlarge your faith and strengthen your hope and inflame your love and make you ready to be made partakers of the inheritance of the saints in His light, that when He shall come with flying clouds on wings of wind, you may be ready to meet Him and may with Him ascend to gaze forever on the vision of His glory. (The benediction from Charles Spurgeon’s message)