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Joseph’s Family Settles in Goshen – Genesis 47:1 – 47:31

How God Provided When we Didn’t Have Money

When we first started as home missionaries, helping local churches with their youth programs, we only had $100 of promised support per month. This was not enough money to rent a place to live so the Lord provided a rent free farm house, through a generous Christian widow lady, for the first year. Her husband had died and she wanted us to try to sell her place, which we did, knowing that when we sold it we didn’t have any place else to go. At the end of the year we found a buyer for her farm but the Lord by that time had enabled us to purchase a repossessed mobile home which we lived in for the next 12 years. He also suppled our food through food showers that several local churches put on for us and our meat through a Christian farmer who was a youth leader in one of the churches we was helping. Several of the leaders of the Bible Clubs we were starting in local churches across the states of Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Michigan were farmers and they would often fill up the gas tank on my car from the gas pump they had to fill up their tractors. This is the way the Lord provided for us until we had enough financial support to live on. What a blessing! (Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author).