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Boasting as a Fool – II Corinthians 11:16 – 11:21

Little Old Woman Boasting on a Bus Tour

A sightseeing bus was making the rounds through Washington, D. C., and the driver was pointing out spots of interest. As they passed the Pentagon building, he mentioned that it cost taxpayers millions of dollars and that it took a year and a half to build.  A little old woman piped up: “In Peoria we could have built the same building for less, and it would have been completed even sooner than that!” The next sight on the tour was the Justice Department building. Once again the bus driver said that it cost so many millions to build and took almost two years to complete. The woman repeated: “In Peoria we would have done it for less money, and it would have been finished much sooner.” The tour finally came to the Washington Monument, and the driver passed by without saying a word. The old woman shouted to the  driver, “What’s that back there?” The driver looked out the window, waited a minute and then said, “Search me, lady.  It wasn’t there yesterday.” (Source unknown).