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Daniel’s Terrifying Vision of a Man – Daniel 10:1 – 10:9

Entrance to The Palace in Tehran Sparkles

The royal palace in Tehran, Iran has one of the most beautiful entrances of all palaces in the world today. As one enters the royal palace the doomed ceilings, sidewalls, and columns seemed to be covered with diamonds. When the Royal Palace was planned, the architects sent an order to Paris for mirrors to cover the entrance walls. The mirrors finally arrived in their crates. When they took the crates apart, all the broken pieces fell out. They were all smashed while being transported. They were going to throw them all away when one of the men had an idea to see how the broken pieces would look if they fitted them together. The result is an enormous distortion in reflections, and it sparkles with diamond like rainbow colors. That is exactly what God can do with the broken pieces of our lives if we will just turn it over to Him. (David Yarbrough - Sermon Central).