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Blessing on Israel – Ezekiel 36:1 – 36:15

R.G. Lee - Pay Day Some Day

R. G. Lee, a great Southern Baptist evangelist used to preach a sermon entitled “Pay Day Some Day.” This is very true of people who are not Christians and also in the lives of people who are Christians. However, this will come true in a different way in the lives of believers than in the lives of those who are non-believers. For those who live a life of sin as an unsaved person and never trust Christ as Saviour it will mean eternal separation from God in a place of torment which the Bible calls Hell. For the person who trusts Christ as their Saviour but still has sin in his or her life it will be a loss of rewards but not spending an eternity in Hell. (Lou Nicholes, Eusocial, The Exiled Prophet).