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Esther Chosen to be Queen – Esther 2:12 – 2:23

Choices we Make in Life

British prime minister Herbert Asquith once spent a weekend at the Waddesdon estate of the 19th-century Rothschild family. One day, as Asquith was being waited on at teatime by the butler, the following conversation ensued: “Tea, coffee, or a peach from off the wall, sir?” “Tea, please,” answered Asquith. “China, India, or Ceylon, sir?” asked the butler. “China, please.” “Lemon, milk, or cream, sir?” “Milk, please,” replied Asquith. “Jersey, Hereford, or Shorthorn, sir?” asked the butler. In the same way we chose whether we want to accept God as the Creator, Jesus Christ as Saviour and whether we want to allow him to be Lord of our life (Today in the Word, May 5, 1993).