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Bodily Discharges From a Woman – Leviticus 15:19 – 15:33

Why Didn’t The Pastor Just Spank Him?

A three-year-old daughter, at a baptismal service, asked her parents, “Why did the pastor push that guy in the water?’ The wife tried to explain briefly and quietly, but the little girl just wouldn’t be satisfied. Later that night she tried to provide an answer that a child’s mind could comprehend. She talked about sin and told her that when people decide to live for Jesus and ‘do good’ they want everyone to know. The dad then explained that water symbolizes Jesus’ washing people from sin; when they come out ‘clean,’ they are going to try to be ‘good.’ A moment later, they realized they would have to work on their explanation when she immediately responded with this question, ‘Why didn’t the Pastor just spank him?’” (Source unknown)