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The Two Blind Men – Matthew 20:29 – 20:34

The Dying Son’s Request

The story is told of an Eastern princess, whose child, a lad of a few years, lay smitten with the plague and dying. The mother stood a little distance away, yet forbidden by the physician to approach lest she also perish. As she stood with breaking heart looking upon her child, the little eyes opened and turned toward her tear-stained face. There was the loving face of her who had so many times dispelled his childish troubles and healed his bruises with her kiss. Why not now? The little arms went out toward her while the childish voice said, “Kiss me, mama, kiss me, mama.” The doctors have forbidden it and so she hesitates, still her heart yearns for the little sufferer. Again the voice of her darling entreats, “Kiss me, mama, kiss me.” What does she care about the doctors now. It is the last request of her dying boy and she clasps the little form to her heart and covers the fevered cheek with her kisses-and he dies. (Encyclopedia of Illustrations #8085).