Be careful when using killer soaps (illustration)

Sometimes in our zeal to clean up our own lives or the lives of others, we unfortunately use “killer soaps”—condemnation, criticism, nagging, fits of temper. We think we’re doing right, but our harsh, self-righteous treatment is more than they can bear.

Judge Weeps over Young Boy’s Sentence. (illustration)

In Seattle, a 14-year old boy was found guilty of first degree murder and of five counts of robbery and one of attempted robbery. The Superior Court Judge, Charles Z. Smith, broke down and wept as he sentenced the boy. It is most unusual for a judge to weep over his cases. (Encyc …

Acceptance Does What Condemnation Can’t do (illustration)

“To accept people is to be for them. It is to recognize that it is a very good thing that these people are alive, and to long for the best for them. It does not, of course mean to approve of everything they do. It means to continue to want what is best for their souls no mat …