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The Levite Leaders Purified The Temple – II Chronicles 29:12 – 29:19

E. Stanley Jones Restored From Nervous Exhaustion

Missionary statesman E. Stanley Jones once suffered nervous exhaustion at Lucknow, India, and felt that his work was finished. Listen to his renewal story in “The Christ of the Indian Road” I saw that unless I got help from somewhere, I would have to give up my missionary career. While in prayer, a Voice seemed to say, ‘Are you yourself ready for this work to which I have called you?’ ‘No, Lord, I am done for. I have reached the end of my resources.’ “The Voice replied, ‘If you will turn that over to me and not worry about it, I will take care of it.’ I quickly answered, ‘Lord, I close the bargain right here.’ “A great peace settled into my heart and pervaded me. I knew it was done! Life-abundant life-had taken possession of me. I was so lifted up that I scarcely touched the road as I quietly walked home that night. Every inch was holy ground. I seemed possessed by Life and Peace and Rest-by Christ Himself.” (The Chief of The Indian Road)