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A Symbol of Total Corruption – Ezekiel 16:44 – 16:63

William Barclay’s Spiritual Autobiography

In his spiritual autobiography, William Barclay, the venerable Scottish scholar, tells the tragedy of losing his 21-year-old daughter and her fiance who were drowned in a boating accident. He writes, “God did not stop that accident at sea, but he did still the storm in my own heart so that somehow my wife and I came through that terrible time still on our own two feet.” Barclay also tells of receiving an anonymous letter about his daughter’s death. It said, “I know why God killed your daughter. It was to save her from corruption by your heresies.” Barclay says, “If I had known the writer’s address, I would have written back in pity, not anger, saying, as John Wesley once said, ’Your God is my devil.’” (Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author).