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What Really Makes People Unclean – Matthew 15:10 – 15:20

Container is Contaminated

Your family and one of your best friends families has decided to go camping, but you forgot to bring a container for water, on your way to the campsite your friend sees a container in the ditch he stops and picks it up, it has a skull and crossbones on the outside of the container, it says poison on it, and has a little bit of poison left at the bottom of the container, so he turns it upside down and dumps the poisonous liquid out, then when you get to the campsite he goes over to an area that has pure filtered water and he fills the container up with water, would you and your family be willing to drink out of that container? Of course you wouldn’t! because if the container is contaminated so is the water. God can never accept the righteousness that comes out of the human heart, no matter how good it looks outwardly. God sees that the container it came out of is defiled. The only thing that can offset the life of sin is the death of Christ (Rom 5:8). (Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author)