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Church Splits 4 Ways Over The Location of The Piano Bench

August 1999 Landover, Maryland - 100 years of Christian fellowship, unity, and community outreach ended last Tuesday in an act of congregational discord. Holy Creek Baptist Church was split into multiple factions. The source of dissension is a piano bench which still sits behind the 1923 Steinway piano to the left of the pulpit. Members and friends at Holy Creek Baptist say that the old bench was always a source of hostility. People should have seen this coming. At present, Holy Creek Congregation will be having four services each Sunday. There has been an agreement mediated by an outside pastor so that each faction will have it’s own separate service with it’s own separate pastor. Since the head pastor is not speaking to the associate pastors, each will have their own service, which will be attended by factioned members. The services are far enough apart that no group will come into contact with the other. An outside party will be moving the piano bench to different locations and appropriate positions, between services to please all sides, and avoid any further conflict that could result in violence. (Craig Cramblet, Sermon Central).