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David Questions God as to Why He Has to Suffer – Psalms 42:9 – 42:11

A Legend Where Satan Sells His Tools

There is a legend that Satan decided to get rid of a number of his tools, so he arranged an auction. There were envy, deceit, malice, sensuality, enmity, thoughtlessness, and many other tools which Satan had used successfully (priced very low). One piece, marked very high, was labeled Discouragement. “Why do you want so much for this tool?” asked one bidder. “This tool,” replied the old tempter, “has always been my most useful one. You can see it has had more wear than the rest. It is used as a wedge to get into a man’s mind when all other means fail. Practically every human being has had this tool used on him, although very few know that I’m the one welding it.” As it worked out, none could afford the price Satan demanded for discouragement...and so he is still using it. (Encyclopedia of Illustrations #2658).