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King Manassah Was an Evil King Ruling For 55 Years – II Chronicles 33:1 – 33:10

Let’s go to Sunday School

A little girl, with shining eyes and little face aglow, said, “Daddy, it is almost time for Sunday school. Let’s go! They teach us there of Jesus’ love, and how He died that we might all have everlasting life by trusting in Him!” “Oh! no,” said Daddy, “not today. I have worked so hard all the week. I am going to the woods, and to the creek. There I can relax and rest. I must have one day to rest, and fishing is fine, they say. So run along. Don’t bother me. We’ll go to church some other day!” Months and years have passed, but Daddy hears that plea no more: “Let’s go to Sunday school!” Those childish years are over and when Daddy is growing old, when life is almost through, he finds time to go to church. But what does daughter do? She says, “Oh, Daddy, not today. I stayed up almost all last night, and I’ve got to get some sleep!” (The Bible Friend).