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The People Disobeyed And Went to Egypt – Jeremiah 43:1 – 43:13

What Motivates Us to Obey?

The Lord takes us all to obedience school. Sometimes, he uses the Law to motivate. But He would much rather use the Gospel to get his people to obey. Both obedience philosophies get results. Basically we are talking about the difference between Law motivation and Gospel motivation. In our lives, sometimes we do things, like hitting the brakes when you see a cop car, that would be obeying out of Law motivation. It is the fear of punishment that motivates you to slow down. But now let’s say that you are driving your children in the car with you. You are so happy for the gift of a family that God has given you, that you want to drive as carefully as possible, and so you don’t even think about breaking the speed limit. That would be Gospel motivation. (Lou Nicholes - Missionary)