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How to Treat a Divisive Person – Titus 3:10 – 3:11

Nicholes - Pastor who got angry

I once had a pastor who was having trouble with one of his deacons. He came to my house one day  and wanted me to come to a meeting and take sides against the deacon. I told the pastor I could not do that because I didn’t have any problem with the deacon. The pastor became very angry and said  he would have nothing more to do with me and further more he would tell every Christian leader in the area what a terrible person I was, which he proceeded to do for several years. We were sitting in his car and when I suggested that we pray together about the matter and he said he would not pray with me and for me not to tell anyone he wouldn’t pray. Then he told me to get out of his car and he spun out of the driveway throwing gravel all over me and my house. When he got to his office he called me and said he meant every word of what he said. Thinking he had just had a bad moment we continued to attend his church but when our family would leave the services he would turn his back on us so we felt it best to find another place to worship. (Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author).