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Drawn to Christ – John 6:45 – 6:55

The Woman Drawn to the Father

Once I was speaking with a woman who was raised in a nonreligious family and had never gone to church. She told about the time Billy Graham held his first crusade in her area. She was invited by some of her friends to go to hear him, and she went out of curiosity. She told me that she sat there, determined not to be influenced by him. She listened to the choir, to the testimonies and the special music and she said to herself, “I know this man is using this to manipulate these people. He is psychologically preparing them to respond to an invitation.” She said she felt very confident that she could withstand what she considered to be manipulation because she knew exactly what he was doing. However, when Billy gave the invitation she jumped out of her seat and went down front immediately. She was the very first person to respond. She was converted, born again. Why? Because she was “drawn of the Father.” (Lou Nicholes - Author and Missionary).