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Freedom From The Law – Galatians 3:1 – 3:5

Barna Research States What Christians Believe

In a survey conducted by the Barna Research Group in 1992, nearly 1/3 of all “Evangelical” Christians stated that all good people will go to heaven, whether they have embraced Jesus Christ or not. While 88% in a recent Barna poll believe Jesus Christ was a real person, what they believe about him differs sharply from scriptural teaching. 42% (even 1/4th of the “Evangelical” Christians) believe that while on earth Jesus sinned just like other people. 61% believe the devil is just a symbol of evil, not a living being. And 54% think that if people are good enough, they will earn a place in heaven regardless of their religious beliefs. (Barna Research Group, Nov. 2, 1994).