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Solomon Prays For The Forgiveness of Sin – II Chronicles 6:22 – 6:31

Standard Oil Had a Two Million Dollar Mistake

John D. Rockefeller built the great Standard Oil empire. One day one of his executives made a two million dollar mistake. Word of the man’s enormous error quickly spread and finally one of the other executives decided to go and talk with his boss about it. As he approached the oil monarch’s desk, Rockefeller looked up from the piece of paper he was writing. “I guess you have heard about the two million dollar mistake our friend made,” he said abruptly. “Well I have been sitting here listing all of our friends’s good qualities and I’ve discovered that in the past he has earned for us many times the amount he lost today. His good points far outweigh this one human error. So I think we ought to forgive him, don’t you?” (Dale Galloway, You Can Win with Love).