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Haman Persuades The King to Kill All Jews – Esther 3:1 – 3:15

Give Yourself Time to Cool Off When Angry

The story is told of a young man who had been cruelly insulted by a former acquaintance. Full of indignation, he determined to go at once and demand an apology. A saintly gentleman laid his hand on his shoulder and said quietly, ASon, let me give you a word of advice. An insult is like mud: it will brush off much better when it is dry! Wait until you both have cooled off, and then the thing can probably be settled quickly. If you go now, you=ll quarrel even more.@The young man heeded the kind suggestion. Before long he found out how wise it had been, for the next day the offending party came and begged his forgiveness. (H. G. Bosch, Our Daily Bread)