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How Many Times Should We Forgive? – Matthew 18:21 – 18:35

Soap Only Works When It is Applied

A Soap maker, who was not saved, walked along the road with a preacher one day. He said to the preacher, “The gospel you preach has not done much good. There is still a lot of wickedness in the world, and wicked people, too.” Quietly they walked on. The preacher did not reply to his friend’s comment until they passed a dirty little child making mud pies in the gutter. With this before them, the preacher spoke, “Soap has not done much good; for there is still much dirt in the world, and many dirty people.” “O, well, you know,” said the Soap maker, “soap is only useful when it is applied.” “Exactly,” said the preacher, “so it is with the gospel we proclaim.” (Source Unknown)