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Woe to the Pharisees – Luke 11:37 – 11:44

Joseph Stalin Dying in a Fit of Anger

The death of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin is reputed to have been caused by a seizure suffered at a meeting of the Presidium, the Communist party executive committee. Livid with fury, Stalin leaped from his seat, only to crash to the floor unconscious. While other Presidium members stared at the prone figure, scheming bureaucrat Laverenti Beria jumped up and danced around the body shouting, “We’re free at last! Free at last!” But as Stalin’s daughter forced her way into the room and fell on her knees by her father, the dictator stirred and opened one eye. Beria at once dropped down beside Stalin, seized his hand, and covered it with kisses. (Today in the Word, September, 1991, p. 16).