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The bashful man with 50 wives

Some years ago, the most married man in the world was found in Yugoslavia. It happened this way: A young woman confided to her girl cousin of her impending marriage to a man. The bridegroom was so shy and timid that he wanted to keep the marriage a secret. The cousin got curious. She got a glimpse of the bridegroom after the secret wedding, and recognized him as her own husband. He had also married her secretly, claiming to be shy and timid. That was only a beginning. A total of 50 women came forward and claimed that he had individually married them. In each case, he was the same bashful bridegroom. He was a traveling salesman, going from wife to wife by plane, supporting all 50 of them, with the explanation to each that his duties as a traveling salesman kept him away so much of the time. They put him in jail, and he begged to stay there. He’d rather be sent to prison than face those fifty wives. (Encyclopedia of Illustrations #32).