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The Passover – Exodus 12:1 – 12:14

Food For 3 Million Would Have Taken 1500 Tons

The Passover story is extremely familiar; you might say it is overly familiar. Did it ever occur to you that all of this didn’t just happen but because God had a plan? After the Exodus from Egypt Moses and the people were in the desert. The feeding of 2 or 3 million people requires a lot of food. According to the Quartermaster General of the Army Moses would have needed 1,500 tons of food each day. That would have required two freight trains, each a mile long every day. Besides he would have needed firewood to cook the food. That would have taken 4,000 tons of wood (several more freight train cars) just for one day. They also would have had to have water and that would take 11 million gallons each day (A few more freight trains). To get across the Red Sea in one night there had to be a space of dry land 3 miles wide so they could walk 5,000 abreast. Do you think Moses figured all of this out before he left Egypt? I don’t think so. (Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author).