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The Lord Loves And Blesses The Just – Psalms 37:18 – 37:29

Gun Point in Paupa New Guinea

In the early 90’s I went to Paupa New Guinea to arrange a short-term missionary to trip for 70 young people. After being in the country less than four hours John Airi (a national) and I went into the country to look for a place to lodge the group. While on a lonely country road we were stopped by a masked man with a gun who shot it over our vehicle. Another masked man stepped out of the brush with a bundle of rope and they ordered us to go behind the vehicle, still nervously pointing the gun at us. All at once they ordered us to run in the direction in which we came which we did wondering if they would shoot us in the back as we went. All at once, we heard the engine of our vehicle rev up and they sped off. We had a prayer meeting in the middle of the road and thanked the Lord we were still alive realizing He must still have more work for us to do. Some workers nearby told us we were lucky because a few days earlier they had shot two policemen in that same spot. We knew that it was not luck but that God had protected us. (Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author).