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Moody Preaching About The Value of God’s Word

Dwight L. Moody was in a southern city preaching about the value of the Word of God in a person’s life. He was interrupted by the loud voice of a man in the audience. “Mr. Moody, I do not believe a single word in that collection of old wives’ tales you call your Bible!” “My dear man,” replied Mr. Moody, “there is one verse in this Bible that you are forced to believe. ‘Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.’ If a man sows wheat, he does not reap potatoes or peanuts. Take the saloon keeper, for example. He sows drunkards, and he will reap drunkards.” The man sat down as the audience broke into loud applause. Mr. Moody, of course, did not know the man, but the audience did. He was a notorious, longtime, atheistic saloon keeper, and all his children, both sons and daughters, were drunkards. (cf: Galatians 6:7) (Encyclopedia of Illustrations #691).