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The Glorious Company – Hebrews 12:16 – 12:24

Rich Navajo Who Was Counting on His Riches

I once read the story of a Navajo Indian who periodically left the reservation to see his banker. He was a rich old man, having made a lot of money in oil, and it was all in his bank. But he would come to the banker and say, “Money all gone, sheep all dead, cattle all stolen and fences all down. Everything bad.” His banker knew exactly what to do. He would go into the vault, put a lot of money into some bags and set them down in front of the old man. The Navajo would count the money and his eyes would shine. Then he would say, “Sheep all well, cattle all back, fences all up. Everything good.” He was counting on his resources. We can do the same with God! (Source unknown).