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Joseph is Delivered to Potiphar – Genesis 39:1 – 39:6

Corrie ten Boom Held Bible Classes at Ravensbruck Death Camp

Who would have thought that any good thing could have come out of the notorious Ravensbruck death camp of the Nazis? Surely when she was incarcerated there as prisoner #66730, Corrie ten Boom must have wondered about her fate. This was a place where the only means of exit for a Jew or a Jewish sympathizer was up the smokestack of the crematorium. She must have lived daily where spine-chilling atrocities occurred, where she was subjected to indignity, intimidation, whipping, hunger and being terrorized day and night. However she was determined to be the very best inmate Ravensbruck horror camp had ever known. She would be a Christian holding Bible classes and teaching fellow inmates how to face life and death with Jesus Christ. As a result God was able to open up for her in later years a worldwide ministry that has thrilled, challenged and encouraged countless millions of people. God meant it for good! (Source unknown).