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The Beginning of Sin – Genesis 3:1 – 3:7

George Sweeting Watching Sea Gullls Riding The Ice

Dr. George Sweeting said that “Several years ago our family visited Niagara Falls. It was spring, and ice was rushing down the river. As I viewed the large blocks of ice flowing toward the falls, I could see that there were carcasses of dead fish embedded in the ice. Gulls by the score were riding down the river feeding on the fish. As they came to the brink of the falls, their wings would go out, and they would escape from the falls. “I watched one gull which seemed to delay and wondered when it would leave. It was engrossed in the carcass of a fish, and when it finally came to the brink of the falls, out went its powerful wings. The bird flapped and flapped and even lifted the ice out of the water, and I thought it would escape. But it had delayed too long so that its claws had frozen into the ice. The weight of the ice was too great, and the gull plunged into the abyss.” The finest attractions of this world become deadly when we become attached to them. They may take us to our destruction if we cannot give them up.(George Sweeting, in Special Sermons For Special Days).