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Respect The Lord And Do Good Instead of Evil – Psalms 34:8 – 34:14

How Are You Going to Learn?

A Father and his small son were out walking one day when the lad asked how electricity could go through the wires stretched between the electric poles. “I don’t know,” said his father. “I never knew much about electricity.” A few blocks farther on, the boy asked what caused lightning and thunder. “That too has puzzled me,” came the reply. The youngster continued to inquire about many things, none of which the father could explain. Finally, as they were nearing home, the boy said, “Pop, I hope you didn’t mind all those questions.” “Not at all,” replied his father. “How else are you going to learn!” (A better question would be - How are you going to learn without a teacher?)  (Our Daily Bread, Friday, January 9).