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Hezekiah’s Life Extended – II Kings 20:1 – 20:11

Weaping Over Lost Souls

How long has it been since you have wept over the souls of loved ones or friends who have never trusted Christ as their Savior and will be separated from God in Hell forever. I remember hearing evangelist John R. Rice tell about when he was in college and first began preaching. He would weep from the beginning to the end of his sermons and was embarrassed about it. He said that he was so broken up that sometimes he could hardly talk. Then he grew ashamed of his tears and longed to speak more logically. As a result he asked the Lord to give him better control as he preached and his tears soon vanished. Then he noticed that people stopped responding to his messages so he begged God to give him the broken heart and tears again. (Lou Nicholes - Author/Missionary).