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God’s Wisdom Will Protect You From Immoral People – Proverbs 2:10 – 2:22

Nicholes - Reading Books And Reading The Bible

We should keep in mind that reading books about the Bible is not the same as searching the Word for oneself. It is true that articles and commentaries can be helpful. If I didn’t believe this I certainly wouldn’t be writing this devotional commentary. There are many today who substitute the reading of devotional guides for the Word of God. The result will be a dry intellec­tuality instead of a fresh spirituality. People who follow this course of action often end up with a seared conscience and a hard heart, till the most searching ministry fails to make any impression on them. As a result there are many who faithfully attend church today who literally dare the speaker to challenge them from the Word to do anything different than what they are already doing. (Lou Nicholes - Author/Missionary).