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David’s Prayer of Thanks – I Chronicles 17:16 – 17:27

Time is Important When You Are on Death Row

According to a newspaper article two men, William Bell and Jacob Rosenwasser, who were under sentence of death at Ossining, New York, felt they would be deprived of an hour of life if they were electrocuted on daylight saving time, and so they applied to the warden to have the clock in the prison returned to standard time. How precious even an hour may be under certain circumstances! It is said that when Queen Elizabeth of England was dying she exclaimed, “All my possessions for a moment of time!” But time cannot be bribed even by a monarch. If the two men who were pleading for an additional hour of life had always made a proper use of the time at their disposal the probability is that they would be little concerned now about the additional hour to which they thought they were entitled. (Encyclopedia of Illustrations #13341).