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A Special Sign for the Early Church – Acts 2:1 – 2:13

Pray for power but don’t try to manufacture it

In his sermon, “A Dangerous Pentecost,” Halford Luccock tells of Lorenzo de’Medici, the great Florentine patron of the arts who was very proud of the spectacles he staged for the citizenry. Among his productions were several amazingly realistic religious pageants performed in church. But one Pentecost, Lorenzo went too far: he used actual fire to depict the descent of the tongues of flames on the apostles. The fragile stage set caught fire and, before horrified onlookers, the entire church burned to the ground The moral is clear: pray for Pentecostal power, but don’t try to manufacture it. (Charismatic Chaos, J. MacArthur, Jr., Zondervan, 1992, p. 175).