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Judas’ Arrival to Betray Jesus – Mark 14:43 – 14:52

Benedict Arnold in The French And Indian War

At age 14 Benedict Arnold ran away from home and fought in the French and Indian War. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War he joined the American army as a colonel and in 1775 shared a command with Ethan Allen in the capture of Ticonderoga. Later he led 1,000 men into Canada where he fought in the battle of Quebec. His courage in battle won him a promotion to brigadier general. But something went wrong. Thoughts of compromise ate away at his patriotic zeal. Soon the unthinkable happened. He offered his services to the British, and in 1780 devised a plan to surrender West Point to British control. Today, instead of being remembered as a national hero, Benedict Arnold is synonymous with “traitor.” (Today in the Word, June, 1990, p. 10).