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Jacob Tricks Isaac In To Blessing Him – Genesis 27:11 – 27:33

A Blind Begger Went to Watch The Movies on His Day Off

A pitiable creature, with dark glasses and his little tin cup was standing on the street corner, patiently waiting for some small contribution. A man passed by and generously dropped a dime in the poor old fellow’s cup. Then for some reason he turned around, and to his surprise saw the blind man’s glasses pushed up on his forehead, and his eager eyes closely examining the recent gift. “I thought you were a blind man,” said the disgruntled donor. “Oh, no,” was the answer, “I am only substituting for the regular blind man today. I’m not really blind at all.” “Where is the regular blind man?” asked the other. “Oh, he’s gone to the movies; it’s his afternoon off.” (Encyclopedia of Illustrations).