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God Expects His People to be Truthful – Zechariah 8:14 – 8:23

Wanted Pastor to Say His Brother Was a Saint

The story is told of two brothers who were rich but very wicked. Both lived a very wild life, using their wealth to cover up the dark side of their lives. They attended the same church  and gave large sums to various church related projects. Suddenly one of the brothers died and the pastor was asked to preach his funeral. The surviving brother gave the pastor an envelope and said here is a check that will pay for the entire amount needed for the new sanctuary and I only ask one favor: Tell the people at the funeral that my brother was a saint. The pastor wanted the check but he didn’t see how he could make a statement like this. Then he had an idea, so he gave the brother his word that he would do it, deposited the check in the bank and the next day at the funeral said, “This man was an ungodly sinner, wicked to the core but compared to his brother he was a saint.” (Source unknown)