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Commentaries » Fearful


Hebrew Children Trapped at The Red Sea - Exodus 14:1 – 14:14 (commentary)

Several days after the children of Israel had left Egypt the Egyptians were still mourning the death of their first-born. The Lord instructed Moses to have the people camp between Migdol and the Red Sea (vv. 1-2). News of Israel’s departure caused Pharaoh …

Moses on Mt Sinai - Exodus 24:12 – 24:18 (commentary)

Moses was summoned by the Lord to come upon Mount Sinai where he was to receive the tablets of stone, with the law (v. 12). After the meal Moses and his assistant, Joshua got ready, then Moses leaves the others behind and proceeds up the mountain (v. 13). Apparently Joshua is all …

Faith is The Opposite of Fear - Joshua 17:1 – 17:18 (commentary)

Although women did not traditionally inherit property in the Israelite society, Moses put justice ahead of tradition and gave the women the land they deserved (Num. 27:1-11). Now, it is interesting to see how Joshua is carrying out this law (vv. 4-5). It is easy to refuse to hono …