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Commentaries » Futility


Why is Life so Hard? - Job 7:1 – 7:21 (commentary)

In this chapter Job talks to God about the seeming futility of his life. He questions as to why God should keep him alive. What is all this suffering accomplishing? Job says, “If I am a great sinner, either pardon my sins or take my life. Either way I will find some pe …

Athaliah’s Evil Reign in Judah - II Kings 11:1 – 11:21 (commentary)

Shifting to the events in Judah we find Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel in control. She came to Judah in a marriage alliance, and established a power base during her husband Jehoram’s role and continued to hold this power during the brief reign of her son, Ahazi …